Frequntly Asked Questions

  • Can I return my shipment?

    Oh yeah, totally. Just give me a call and we’ll take care of all that stuff.

  • Are you actually a super great guy?

    Most of the time yeah but you know it’s a lot of work to be a great guy all the time.

  • Where can I find your booth set up?

    Aurora Winter Festival Nov 28-Jan 5 Make It! Vancouver Dec 11-15

  • Are your prints resistant to moisture?

    Oh yeah, totally. They end up in bathrooms all the time.

  • Do you do commissions?

    Yes I do, in fact about 50% of the images on this site were commissioned by someone so if you have a favourite spot and some good photos to use as reference material please email them to me. It can take a long time to do a painting though so if it's for a specific date such as a wedding or a birthday make sure to give me lots of lead time, a couple of months would be ideal.

  • Do I get a discount if I buy multiple items?

    Shipping is free in Canada on all orders over $150 so if you're planning on giving out a bunch of gifts at Christmas or something, it is worth it to stock up all at once.